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In every outthrust headland, in every curving beach, in every grain of sand there is the story of the earth.

— Rachel Carson

This blog is the record of an adventure. In September 2019 I am taking my two dogs, Martha and Otter, and setting out to travel anticlockwise round the coast of Britain in our camper. We will be staying as close to the coast as we can, bearing in mind we are in a small motorhome and Martha has a tendency to being queasy when roads are unmade! On the whole we will be sticking to the mainland, though we hope to take in one or two of the closer Scottish islands.

I’ve called it Dogs on Board as I expect their presence will make the trip very different to what it might be without them. My choices about what we do and where we go will be as much about them as me! And I hope we can discover and share the best of dog-friendliness – from cafes to pubs to beaches – as we go round.

We have allowed ourselves four months for the trip – though that is flexible and it will take as long as it takes. There are few fixed points. I will be doing a handful of workshops as I go round and have scheduled them for roughly when I hope to reach those places – but if necessary we will simply jump on the motorway, do the job, and then return to our meanderings. Otherwise we will take it as it comes and just enjoy the journey.

So that is the trip in a nutshell as I see it before we start. But who knows what it will be by the time we finish!

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  1. So looking forward to following your journey, Janet! It’s exactly the kind of thing I’d love to do one day. Just need to conquer my fear of driving first…


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