Who are the dogs?

My two dogs who are accompanying me on this trip are Martha (r) and Otter (l), collectively known as “the girls”.

Martha is 8 and is a Smooth Collie – like Lassie but without the fur coat! She is very loyal and loves being with me and she enjoys van life – especially the stationary parts. She gets very excited when we do almost anything and likes to make sure everyone knows it! She is not a natural traveller being prone to motion sickness but with a lot of work, a memory foam mattress to sleep on and careful driving, she is finding a whole new world out there. Last year we did a 1000-mile round trip in the van without any incidents – she sleeps most of the time while we drive and certainly finds the van much easier than the car. The bonus is I am becoming a more relaxed and thoughtful driver. Martha gets on with everyone, human and canine, when she has to but she is happiest just being with her family and friends. She is a great watch dog and one of her roles on the trip will be security patrol.

Otter is 2 and is technically a Chihuahua x Papillon x Miniature Pinscher – but she is mostly Min Pin in attitude and character! Bright, enthusiastic and funny, she is up for anything. She has a terrier heart in a lap dog body – the perfect combination. She loves nothing better than going on a trip, jumping into her travel box whether it is in the car or not, so she is going to love this trip. She loves adults and dogs if she has the chance to check them out first. She can be less comfortable around very young children. She needs a few moments to reassure herself that everyone is safe and, if approached too quickly, she will get alarmed and bark – so we are careful around loose dogs and children particularly.

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