Why this trip?

So why this trip and why now? Well I have always been fascinated by the coast. I love beaches and cliffs and I am drawn to the sea. In the UK we have thousands of miles of coastland so it makes sense to me to go to see more of it. Plus the dogs love the coast – lots of opportunity for play and off lead fun. So when I was thinking about a possible adventure the coast was an obvious one for me. I have since read that the coast is boring, one beach or seaside town is much like another. I don’t believe it – but we will find out!

And if not now, then when? I can go now. My work is largely online. My only responsibilities are the dogs, who will come with me. I am fit and well enough to do this now. I have the resources I need (a share of a van, enough savings to cover my costs, time). Who knows if that will be the case in a year or five years? So why wait? I am going in Autumn/Winter for several reasons:

  • I don’t want to fight through holiday crowds. Going outside of school holidays means that roads, camping areas, beaches etc will be quieter and there will be fewer restrictions on the dogs visiting beaches.
  • It is the time my sister is least likely to be house sitting, so there will be no long periods where our house is left empty.
  • I will be able to explore van living without worrying about whether the dogs will overheat while I go shopping.
  • I do cold a lot better than I do heat!

People have also asked what the trip is for. That’s a hard one to answer because, first and foremost, it is just for itself: exploring, enjoying time together, seeing new places, travelling. I won’t be working as such but I will be keeping my online membership going and doing a handful of hosted workshops to top up finances. I also hope to play with video editing and possibly some craft stuff. I am definitely intrigued by how easy or otherwise it will be to travel alone with two dogs – just the practicalities about how that will work and the places that we can enjoy together – and I will blog about that as I go. I definitely want to spend time writing – I will decide what as I go.

But mostly I just want time out to reflect and review where I am. I have had a couple of years of extreme change and have just completed a major project that has been on my mind for many years. So now is a good time to take stock and to reflect. It sounds corny to say get back in touch with myself but that is part of it. Stripping back my responsibilities will help me to explore what I want from the next stage of my life.

So that is the trip in a nutshell as I see it before we start. But who knows what it will be by the time we finish!

3 thoughts on “Why this trip?

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  1. A huge Power Up! I think you are very brave in part to grab this opportunity, it’s not often life offers the right set of circumstances to enable us to do something like this and often when/if it does we don’t take it out of fear or misplaced guilt! Bravo to you! I will be reading and keeping up with you as you go … it’s not something I can do myself right now but I can enjoy it second hand as it were!


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