Day 26: Culzean

We woke on Ayr campsite after a wet night to find Wolfie surrounded by a moat! Not impressed with the drainage here – and not the friendliest of sites – so was glad I had only booked one night and was moving on to Culzean (pronounced without the ‘z’) today.

Janet arrived mid morning and we drove in convoy the short run down the coast to Culzean Castle, the impressive 18th century castle perched on the cliffs overlooking the Firth of Clyde. It is now owned by the National Trust of Scotland and both house and grounds are open to the public.

We arrived to find a promotional event for cycling so we got some free gifts as well – I got a whistle and Janet a very small microfibre towel! I think I got the better deal. We managed to convince them that the combination of bikes and dogs would not end well and that we had come to walk. First we explored the castle ramparts and environs, then we headed off to the beach.

The beach is reached down a very steep bank of steps which were very slippy after the rain. At the bottom is a lovely holiday cottage but I wouldn’t fancy carrying luggage down there. By the beach there is also the old gas house, which supplied power to the castle until the 1940s.

After a romp on the beach where Saffy and Otter tried to play and Martha tried to stop them, we continued for a rather wet walk along the disused railway line and around the wider grounds. Dogs all walked we had a lovely late lunch in the cafe then walked some more before heading back to the lovely Culzean campsite in the grounds to enjoy the views out to sea over a brew. All in all a lovely day in good company.

Photo: Janet Atkins
Photo: Janet Atkins

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